The UCI Education Research Initiative aims to create a community of people who care about improving the educational experiences of students.

Questions the Initiative seeks to understand include:

  • Why is there a low success rate for individuals hoping to pursue degrees in higher education?
  • How can we better support underrepresented minorities, first-generation, and low income students?
  • How can teaching practices be modified to improve student success?

National Challenge

We address this national challenge to college success by conducting research for advancing knowledge about innovative educational interventions and policies that better support student learning and success in higher education.

Housed at the University of California Irvine, the initiative is operated in collaboration with multiple schools on campus based on a dual-mission model:

  1. A research mission that aims at identifying and disseminating cause-and-effect interventions, instructional practices, and policies that have the potential to increase postsecondary success and reduce educational inequality
  2. An implementation mission that aims at supporting and facilitating the application of evidence-based interventions, instructional practices, and policies across a variety of postsecondary education settings.

By explicitly incorporating this dual-mission model, the UCI Education Research Initiative hopes to bridge the persistent gap between educational research and practice by building sustained research-practice partnerships between educational researchers and practitioners and by improving the use of research evidence in decisions that affect the educational experiences and outcomes of college students.

How Will the Initiative Accomplish This Mission?

  • By fostering collaborations focused on actionable research on postsecondary educational interventions and policies
  • By providing resources and funding opportunities for adopting evidence-based interventions and practices
  • By engaging with the local and national education community through workshops, seminars, and annual conferences
  • By promoting graduate student research in education across the campus

Who are the Initiative Participants?

An interdisciplinary community of faculty, postdocs, and students with a shared interest in student success. The initiative is sponsored by the UCI Office of Academic Planning.

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