Mini Grants

Mini grant submission for 2019-2020 are complete. Thank you to all that applied and we will be sure to update the campus with future opportunities.

Types of proposals accepted:

  • Research proposal (up to $30k): This type of proposed work will examine a research question related to higher education or activities happening on the UCI campus. It is expected that proposals will have a scholarly background/theoretical framework to describe the compelling nature of the topic being studied, how it will be studied, and what the expected implications and findings will be.
  • Implementation proposal (up to $15k): This type of proposed work will focus on implementing an activity or program related to higher education or UCI. Intervention proposals are expected to be developed using best practices and include desired program outcomes. Although research will not be the primary focus of these proposals, it is expected that the interventions are based in the literature to give an indication of why it will be successful.

Full proposal sections:

  1. Title page – Include project title as well as names, affiliations (position/department), and email addresses for all participating individuals
  2. Abstract – A description of the proposed activities (250 words max.)
  3. Background – A scholarly description of why this research question or program is important/needed, including references
  4. Research Question(s) (research proposal) or Proposed activity (implementation proposal)
  5. Research/Implementation Plan
  6. Study team and roles – Must include at least one senate faculty member
  7. Broader impacts – How will this work have impact at and beyond UCI?
  8. Dissemination plan (publications, presentations, etc) and future funding plan
  9. Budget – Funds will be provided as research funds (Up to $30k)

-Include items and cost per item

  1. Budget justification (brief)

-Budget size relative to proposed activities will be a selection factor (i.e. be

reasonable with your budget request)

  1. References

Grant award process

We anticipate awarding four to six grants (roughly equal numbers of research and implementation proposals) depending on the size of the proposal budgets. These selections will be made by early March 2020.

For Research proposals. As dissemination of UCI education research and growth of the ERI are major drivers of these mini grants:

  • We will withhold 17% of the total budget until a manuscript regarding your work has been submitted to a peer reviewed journal.
  • An additional 17% of the total budget will be withheld until you submit an external grant proposal related to your ERI-funded work.
    • In this external proposal, you agree to budget for a 50% postdoctoral scholar position that will work under the ERI to assist you in your grant activities as well as ERI-related projects.

Grant awardees will have access to an ERI postdoctoral scholar to assist with data analysis, manuscript preparation, grant proposal construction, etc.

Potential Resources

  • UCI Teaching and Learning Research Center (TLRC)
    • Consulting services and support for educational research grants
    • Support for IRB Approval
  • The UCI Education Research Initiative Library guide:
  • American Educational Research Association (AERA)
    • Publications (publications such as ‘The Handbook of Research on Teaching’)
  • The National Research Council: How People Learn II: Learning, Contexts, and Cultures