Warm-up your education writing!

Starting Fall 2019, the ERI is hosting an education writing group for UCI affiliates who are working on education projects. Our goal is to give education researchers — experienced and new — some structure, writing time, and support.

This program is intended for education researchers in all stages:

  • Generating research questions

  • Refining research questions

  • Designing studies and collecting data

  • Preparing papers for submission

  • Drafting grant proposals

  • And more!

Each quarter, participants specify a goal for an education research paper or proposal. They are matched (or can help select) a small “momentum” group of 2-4 other education researchers. We provide Starbucks gift cards for the group to meet three times each quarter with your group. We suggest that in each meeting, each person has about 15 minutes to share their progress and brainstorm next steps. We also host a weekly writing room and encourage all participants to attend to write without talking, but in community.

At the end of the quarter, participants report progress on their goals. Submitted papers earn a submission bonus!

For more information, contact Laura Tucker (tucker@uci.edu).

three students attend lecture