UCI Collaboratory for Data Analytics for Student Success (CODAS)

The Collaboratory for Data Analytics for Student Success (CODAS) brings together leaders from across UCI, including the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, the School of Education, and numerous other disciplines. We aim to support researchers and educators in the collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data towards a common mission of ensuring equitable student success and creating more diverse and inclusive institutions of higher education. CODAS leadership aims to provide a structure and framework for bringing together the different elements of a university that are necessary to create inclusive learning spaces. To meet its goals, CODAS aims to:

  • Leverage data to improve student learning and outcomes
  • Develop and deploy cutting-edge measures to understand the student experience
  • Identify and disseminate interventions, instructional practices and policies to increase postsecondary success and reduce racial inequality
  • Provide greater access to various types of student success data to inform practice and policy
  • Establish partnerships with institutions of higher education across the state and nation to support research efforts geared towards student success
  • Serve as external evaluators to support research efforts at UCI and at two- and four-year institutions across the state