CODAS Leadership

Brian Sato
Associate Dean of the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation
Professor of Teaching, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
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Di Xu
Faculty Director of CODAS
Associate Professor, Education
Sabrina Solanki
CODAS Academic Administrator
Natascha Buswell
Faculty Director of Education Initiatives
Assistant Teaching Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Laura Tucker
Faculty Director of Community Building
Assistant Professor of Teaching
Physics and Astronomy
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Advisory Board

Michael Dennin
Dean of the Division of Undergraduate Education,
Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning, 
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Richard Arum
Dean; Professor of Sociology and Education
School of Education

Adrienne Williams
Assistant Professor of Teaching in Developmental and Cell Biology
Faculty Advisor, Teaching and Learning Research Center
Faculty Profile

Rachel Baker
Associate Director of Education,
University of California, Irvine

Postdoc & Grad Student Researchers

Michael Hill

Veronika Rozhenkova

Pablo Bezem

Lauren Snow

Maryam Eslami