STEM Education

Getting Students Back on Track: Persistent Effects of Flipping Accelerated Organic Chemistry on Student Achievement, Study Strategies, and Perceptions of Instruction

Authors: Lynn C. Reimer, Kameryn Denaro, Wenliang He, Renée D. Link

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Comparison of Cluster Analysis Methodologies for Characterization of Classroom Observation Protocol for Undergraduate STEM (COPUS) Data

Authors: Kameryn Denaro, Brian Sato, Ashley Harlow, Andrea Aebersold, Mayank Verma

Published version: DOI

Effect of a Concurrent Enrollment Preparatory Course on Student Achievement and Persistence in General Chemistry

Authors: Kameryn Denaro, Stanley M. Lo, Amanda J. Holton

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Bolstering the Public Health Workforce: Recruitment and Retention of Public Health Majors

Authors: Miryha Gould Runnerstrom, Kameryn Denaro, Brian Sato

Published version: DOI

How Syllabi Relate to Outcomes in Higher Education: A Study of Syllabi Learner- Centeredness and Grade Inequities in STEM

Authors: Maryam Eslami, Kameryn Denaro, Brian K. Sato, Jacklyn M. Sumarsono, Penelope Collins, Michael Dennin

STEM Faculty Instructional Approaches to Assessment, Grading and Diversity are Linked to Racial Equity Grade Gaps

Authors: Elizabeth S. Park, Mike Wilton, Stanley M. Lo, Natascha Buswell, Brian K. Sato

“My Blood is Boiling When I Think About Advising”: The Role of Academic Advising in STEM Student Retention

Authors: Veronika Rozhenkova, Brian K. Sato, Natascha Trellinger Buswell

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Identifying Opportunities to Improve Systemic Inequity in Higher Education

Authors: Kameryn Denaro, Kimberly Dennin, Michael Dennin, Brian Sato

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