Access to Institutional Data

The Postsecondary Education Research and Implementation Institute (PERI²) collaborates with UCI researchers and faculty who are working to improve undergraduate education. Part of this collaboration can include access to institutional data. Below are the procedures for requesting student-level identified or de-identified data as well as analysis of institutional data.

Request for Student-Level Data:

This option is for faculty members who are looking to obtain institutional data at the student level—including student demographic data, individual course grades, or other types of data. This pertains to those individuals conducting education research projects with an intent to publish or present the results or those who are pursuing these data for internal analysis purposes. An IRB is required for access to student-level data. More information about IRB for education research can be found here.

  • Complete the Data and Report Request Form, attaching all applicable documents/certificates. This must be done by a Senate faculty member listed on your IRB. We may contact you to further discuss your research project and clarify your data needs.

Please contact Kameryn Denaro at with any questions.

Request for Analysis of Institutional Data:

Senate faculty who are working to improve teaching and student success in their departments or courses are able to request data analysis that may enable them to make specific changes to teaching and courses to improve student success. The difference between this option and the “Request for Student-Level Data” option above is that this does not provide you with the individual student data, is intended purely for internal purposes, and cannot be shared beyond the campus. Such analyses will be conducted as time permits for PERI2 staff.

Examples of questions that can be answered with such institutional data analysis include:

  1. Instructor: I wish to determine if gender or ethnicity are currently predictors of student exam scores in my class, so I can adjust my teaching to be more equitable.
  2. Vice Chair: I want to verify whether courses taught in different quarters have students with different incoming GPAs, so I can ask my most effective instructors to teach in the quarters where they are most needed.

Associate Dean for Undergraduates: I want to track how grades in initial math courses affects whether students remain in our major.