The Teaching and Learning Research Center collaborates with researchers who are working to improve undergraduate education at UC Irvine. Part of this collaboration can include access to institutional data. Below are the procedures for requesting data, according to its intended use.


Education Research for Publication:

This option is for community members who are conducting education research projects with an intent to publish or present the results. An IRB is required for access to this data, which requires the faculty member to provide a Letter of Legitimate Educational Interest, signed by your chair or dean, and online FERPA training through the UC Learning Center. The TLRC provides the FERPA approval for these IRBs, and the IRB narrative will say that the TLRC will provide this data. If you did not work with the TLRC to submit the IRB, please contact us.

  • Complete this form to start the data request. This must be done by a Senate faculty member listed on the IRB. We will contact you to further discuss your research project and clarify your data needs.
  • List of available variables: Data abstraction sheet

If the form does not have the variables you need, or if you have any other issues, please contact Kameryn Denaro at

Data will be sent via Webfiles as a .csv file. We do not provide de-identified data if an IRB is used. Do you need help completing an exempt IRB for your education research? See our guide here.

Course and Department analysis by faculty members:

Senate faculty who are working to improve teaching and student success in their departments or courses are eligible for access to certain institutional data that will enable them to make specific changes to teaching and courses to improve student success. This process requires:

  • A Letter of Legitimate Educational Interest from your chair or dean (a letter template is here). To learn more about legitimate educational interest at UCI, go to this student records policy and search for “130.290”.
  • Completion of the short, online FERPA training via the UC Learning Center (log in here)
  • Completion of this application form to explain the purpose of your analysis, and how it will improve undergraduate student success. We may ask to meet with you to discuss your project in more detail, to be sure your use case fits our Center’s mission and goals.
  • Feedback to the TLRC on the results of your analysis and your plans to act on the data.

Examples of faculty uses of institutional data include:

  1. Instructor: I wish to determine if gender or ethnicity are currently predictors of student exam scores in my class, so I can adjust my teaching to be more equitable
  2. Vice Chair: I want to verify whether courses taught in different quarters have students with different incoming GPAs, so I can ask my most effective instructors to teach in the quarters where they are most needed
  3. Director of Undergraduate Students : I want to track how grades in initial math courses affects whether students remain in our major

Data can be provided in an identified or de-identified format. We are happy to provide de-identified data, but we will not merge a future data pull with a current de-identified pull. Data will be provided via Webfiles as a .csv file.

If you are interested in a consultation about how to analyze your data, we will happily provide a small amount of one-on-one support, and can discuss the most recent research associated with evidence-based teaching and undergraduate student success.

Analysis that is done using this data has NOT BEEN APPROVED as human subjects research and should not be presented publicly. If you are interested in publication, the TLRC will help you with a straightforward IRB. Contact Adrienne Williams at

If your department requires an analysis that requires more time than you have available, the Center for Assessment and Applied Research can do the analysis and complete a report for you. Contact Director Venette Van Duyn at