Active Learning Strategies

Exploring the Impact of Gamified Role-Playing on Climate Change Knowledge and Nature Relatedness: Evidence from an Online Undergraduate Course on Environmental Health

Authors: Miryha Gould Runnerstrom, Kameryn Denaro, Janet DiVincenzo

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Serving Students through Service-Learning: A Digital Pandemic Histories Archive

Authors: Vivianna Goh, Susan Bibler Coutin, Kameryn Denaro, Michael Dennin, Richard Matthew, Dmitry Tsukerman

Incorporating Active Learning Strategies and Instructor Presence into an Online Discrete Mathematics Class

Authors: Sandy Irani, Kameryn Denaro

Published version: DOI

Predicting Implementation of Active Learning by Tenure-Track Teaching Faculty Using Robust Cluster Analysis

Authors: Kameryn Denaro, Petra Kranzfelder, Melinda T. Owens, Brian Sato, Austin L. Zuckerman, Rebecca A. Hardesty, Adriana Signorini, Andrea Aebersold, Mayank Verma, Stanley M. Lo

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ALOHA: Active-Learning Office Hours & Assignments in an Online Remedial Math Course

Authors: Kameryn Denaro, Rachel Lehman, Alessandra Pantano

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The Impact of Modality Choice on Final Exam Success and Retention in a Concurrent Preparatory Chemistry Course

Authors: Kameryn Denaro, Sergey A. Nizkorodov, Amanda J. Holto

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The Effect of Active Learning Professional Development Training on College Students’ Academic Outcomes

Authors: Elizabeth S. Park, Di Xu

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