Teaching-Focused Faculty

Instructional Influencers: Teaching Professors as Potential Departmental Change Agents in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Authors: Mike Wilton, Jeffrey Maloy, Laura Beaster-Jones, Brian K. Sato, Stanley M. Lo
Daniel Z. Grunspan

Reimagining the Role of Teaching-Focused Faculty in Research-Intensive Universities: The Evolution of Scholarly Expectations and Departmental Influence

Authors: Alex R. Paine, Mike Wilton, Sabrina M. Solanki, Marina Ellefson, Julie E. Ferguson, Stanley M. Lo, Brian K. Sato

Teaching-Focused Faculty: The Supports, Structures, and Policies that Relate to Their Perceptions of Influence on Their Colleagues’ Teaching

Authors: Meaghan McMurran, Sabrina Solanki, Peter McPartlan, Brian Sato

Understanding the Roles of Professors of Teaching in Departmental and Institutional Networks about Teaching

Authors: Daniel Z. Grunspan, Brian K. Sato, Qi Cui, Stanley M. Lo

Beyond Pragmatism: Internal and External Impacts of Hiring Professors of Teaching at Research-Intensive Universities

Authors: Ashley N. Harlow, Natascha T. Buswell, Stanley M. Lo, Brian K. Sato

Published version: DOI

The Disciplinary Differences in the Characteristics and Effects of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

Authors: Di Xu, Florence Xiaotao Ran

Published version: DOI