PERI² Consulting & Evaluation Services

PERI² has the capacity and expertise to serve as external evaluator for education-focused projects, contracts and research grants. In this capacity, PERI² staff can 

  • Generate and implement a variety of data collection instruments
  • Coordinate cross-campus and cross-unit data collection
  • Tie program outcomes to institutional data
  • Analyze and disseminate the resulting education research results within UCI and nationally

PERI² has expertise in the analysis of both qualitative data (including focus groups, interviews, surveys, and course/program artifacts, among others) and quantitative data (institutional data, course grades, and surveys, among others), and specializes in the evaluation of higher education programs and policies (undergraduate, graduate, and faculty related). 

Dr. Brian Sato, Professor of Teaching (Biological Sciences) and Associate Dean (Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation), and Dr. Di Xu, Associate Professor (Education), will lead a team of staff researchers, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students to perform formative and summative evaluations of the educational activities during your project period. 

PERI² can serve four functions (multiple services can be included for a single project): 

Function Rate Description
External evaluator  Hourly Generally evaluation is 5-15% of the final budget depending on the assessment required
Proposal reviewer  Hourly This equates to a “pre-review” of the proposal and providing feedback (~10hrs depending on the degree of feedback desired)
Research collaborator Staff/postdoc salary Support includes contributing to the proposed research on a continuing basis
Research and data analysis consultant Hourly

Support depends on services required. 

Examples include:

  1. Statistical analysis
  2. Survey/interview protocol development
  3. Access to institutional data

Who should use our services? 

Faculty and staff submitting an external grant proposal (ex. NSF, NIH, IES, etc) with an education focus or an education component. The grant itself may require an external evaluation (PERI² can serve as “external” reviewer for UCI proposals). Or the proposal team may require assistance with examining the impacts of their intervention and we can contribute to the research itself. 

If you are interested, please complete the following form and reach out to PERI² Academic Administrator Sabrina Solanki ( to schedule an appointment.