Give to UCI Education Research Initiative

Thank you for your interest in supporting the UCI Education Research Initiative!  This initiative is a multidisciplinary community of people who care about improving the educational experiences of our students, particularly underrepresented minorities, first-generation, and low-income students.  We have a research mission that aims at identifying and disseminating cause-and-effect interventions, instructional practices, and policies that have the potential to increase postsecondary success and reduce educational inequality and an implementation mission that aims at supporting and facilitating the application of evidence-based interventions, instructional practices, and policies across a variety of postsecondary education settings.

We look forward to partnering with you to help sustain and grow our research and community impact.  Below are a few opportunities for support:



Gifts at this level could help us host a workshop led by a UCI expert.  Topics could include how to implement specific evidence-based teaching practices into the classroom, instruction on education research methodologies, or assistance with the development of beneficial education policies.




Gifts to support conferences are so important because they enable us to convene experts from UCI as well as the external community to discuss common ideas and challenges.  A gift in support of a conference would allow us to bring together a variety of experts from across the county to discuss and share their cutting-edge research.




A fellowship gift is critical as our graduate students conduct research necessary to sustain the initiative.  A donation in support of fellowships would allow a graduate student to study a research topic of their choosing that reflects the goals of the education research initiative.


Interdisciplinary Project


A gift at this level could sponsor the formation of a multi-disciplinary team of faculty and students to address a pressing issue in education. Examples of projects that the initiative is already tackling include studying the impact of STEM learning communities, identifying whether teaching faculty are serving as change agents to improve teaching and learning, and improving distance learning experiences at the community college level.


Additional Opportunities

Larger gifts are also sought to fund a postdoctoral scholar who can help to expand the capacity of the initiative through research consultation, grant writing and preparation of scholarly articles. Gifts of any size are greatly appreciated!