Working Papers

How Syllabi Relate to Outcomes in Higher Education: A Study of Syllabi Learner- Centeredness and Grade Inequities in STEM
Authors: Maryam Eslami, Kameryn Denaro, Brian K. Sato, Jacklyn M. Sumarsono, Penelope Collins, Michael Dennin

Understanding the Roles of Professors of Teaching in Departmental and Institutional Networks about Teaching

Authors: Daniel Z. Grunspan, Brian K. Sato, Qi Cui, Stanley M. Lo

Identity, Power, and Legitimacy: Instructor Conceptions of Diversity in Higher Education

Authors: Nicole A. Suarez, Song Wang, Stacey Brydges, Stanley M. Lo

STEM Faculty Instructional Approaches to Assessment, Grading and Diversity are Linked to Racial Equity Grade Gaps

Authors: Elizabeth S. Park, Mike Wilton, Stanley M. Lo, Natascha Buswell, Brian K. Sato

The Disciplinary Differences in the Characteristics and Effects of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

Authors: Di Xu, Florence Xiaotao Ran

Published version: DOI

Identifying Opportunities to Improve Systemic Inequity in Higher Education

Authors: Kameryn Denaro, Kimberly Dennin, Michael Dennin, Brian Sato

Published version: DOI

Beyond Pragmatism: Internal and External Impacts of Hiring Professors of Teaching at Research-Intensive Universities

Authors: Ashley N. Harlow, Natascha T. Buswell, Stanley M. Lo, Brian K. Sato

Published version: DOI

“My Blood is Boiling When I Think About Advising”: The Role of Academic Advising in STEM Student Retention

Authors: Veronika Rozhenkova, Brian K. Sato, Natascha Trellinger Buswell

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Instructor Facilitation Mediates Students’ Negative Perceptions of Active Learning Instruction

Authors: Elizabeth S. Park, Ashley Harlow,…Brian K. Sato

Published version: DOI

The Effect of Active Learning Professional Development Training on College Students’ Academic Outcomes

Authors: Elizabeth S. Park, Di Xu